What Is An Entrepreneur?

While there are so many different ways people describe an entrepreneur, I’ve come up with my own definition of what an entrepreneur is. My definition as an entrepreneur is: Entrepreneurship involves an individual who takes massive action to make a change in the world.

Hundred years ago, what options did an entrepreneur have? If you didn’t have the skill to make something and didn’t have the capital to buy something, you were out of luck. Fast forward to today, and there are over 600 million entrepreneurs worldwide.

The options available to entrepreneurs today have exploded, thanks to technology.

Why do people become entrepreneurs?

People don’t want to work for a boss.

A recent survey showed that most people use this as their number one reason to become entrepreneurs.

They often feel restricted with the lack of freedom and just cannot work under someone else’s supervision. As a result, they become attracted to entrepreneurship where they can do things their own way and succeed on their own terms.

They want to work from anywhere with flexible hours.

Going to the same place every single day to work, makes people bored and miserable. Entrepreneurs want the freedom to work from anywhere in the world in their own flexible hours.

It also allows them to have more time with their young children and pick them up from school without feeling guilty about it.

They were fired or just can’t get a job

Getting fired or a lack of job qualifications can prevent people from getting a job. It is then through frustration or feeling defeated that they get into the entrepreneur’s lifestyle and create their own opportunities.

People who were laid off from work might start their own online store or a student studying marketing might start a side career in affiliate marketing.

Entrepreneurs are unstoppable

Since there’s no limit to what they can achieve, entrepreneurs walk to achieve higher levels of greatness. They find a workaround to any obstacle and constantly finding themselves growing and achieving more than they ever can imagine.

Ideas to Become an Entrepreneur

• Freelancer(content writer,blogging,accountant,designer)

• Ecommerce store owner

• Services(deliveries,cleaning,dog training)

• Consultant(life coach,financial advisor,wedding planner)

• Teaching(online courses, writing courses)

• Appartment rentals(Airbnb)

• Affiliate marketing(Clickbank, Amazon)

• Flipper(domain name,website)

• Photographer(uploading photos, sell photos)

There many skills required to start a business. Skills like marketing, business development, customer service, management, focus, and determination are amongst the top skills required to become a successful entrepreneur. But it all starts with desire and an idea. Then putting the idea into action.

If you looking to take control of your life and your financial future, consider entrepreneurship.Its the safest root in a world of global and technological changes.

Changes lie ahead that are beyond our reality. Who knows what the future brings? But whatever happens, we are living in the best time in history to become an Entrepreneur.


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