Activating your faucet simply put means unlocking your account so you can start getting paid mhv coins for ALL activity that you do within the platform. Activities here include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Logging into your markethive account
  • Commenting
  • Creating posts
  • Creating blogs/Reading a blog
  • Creating capture pages
  • Creating capture widgets
  • Creating lead groups
  • Using the email function of the system (like creating autoresponders and sending broadcasts)
  • Sending (and replying to) messages
  • Tipping other members
  • Sending and accepting friend requests

And so forth….this list is NOT conclusive.

Bottom-line is, once you’ve had your faucet activated, you GET PAID for every action that you take in your account, literally.

How do you activate your faucet?

2 ways;

  1. Refer 3 via your link!

Just refer 3 verified members to markethive using your link. There’s a cool capture page already created for you and you can access it by simply clicking on ‘Referral program’ from your profile page.

There’s also smart buttons in the Referral program section that you can instantly use and post on your other social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn

Furthermore, you will find awesome banners, ready made for you to use.

How long will it take you to get 3 people to sign up via your link and get access to an over $2000 per month inbound marketing system for free, and also get MHV coins FOR FREE. You have huge incentive to get referrals in the system itself as Markethive is simply a Capture magnet in itself

  1. Upgrade to Entrepreneur

Upgrading to entrepreneur automatically unlocks your faucet. The cost is $100 per month or $1000 per year. While this is not compulsory, and you need not upgrade to access the full inbound marketing system, there are huge benefits in upgrading, and am certain that once you get the details of the entrepreneur upgrade, you will see it as the No-brainer that I see it to be.

Comment below if you want to learn more about the entrepreneur upgrade…


By activating your faucet, your hive rank is also activated simultaneously (no extra work required). Check out Deb Williams’s blog that explains hive rank…link in the 1ST comment of this blog.

Your next steps….

  1. Join this group to fast-track your journey within markethive.


What is your experience within markethive thus far? Please share below…

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