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GoFounders, the marketing arm of ONPASSIVE, was launched in 2018 by Mr. Ash Mufareh. GoFounders was launched to help hardworking and aspiring individuals achieve business success. GoFounders platform provides opportunities for all individuals to live a life free of financial worries. The platform also allows its members to earn recurring income through the GoFounders compensation plan. If you are looking to live your dreams and take your business to new heights, GoFounders is the perfect platform for you. It is entirely a legit platform for investment.

Ash Mufareh’s vision of internet marketing has changed the way people live. With GoFounders, individuals have the opportunity to earn unlimited income from home and live their dreams. Founders are profoundly grateful to Mr.Ash for providing such a unique platform. Founders’ testimonials and GoFounders reviews clearly show their love for Mr. Ash.


Furthermore, by collaborating with GoFounders, various small and large business leaders can interact with other business leaders and share their thoughts. Founders also enjoy the GoFounders tools and applications that are powered by artificial intelligence. With these tools and applications, various founders have enhanced their business productivity and achieved substantial business outcomes.

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GoFounders offer unlimited compensation plans for its members. 

  • The Stairstep Breakaway Plan
  • The Unilevel Plan
  • The Binary Plan
  • The Hybrid Compensation Plan
  • 2-Up/Top-Tier Plan
  • The Matrix Plan

There are various other compensation plans for GoFounders. Founders across the world have got the opportunity to earn substantial recurring income from the compensation plan.

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